PerunProgrammable static site generator built with Clojure and Boot

Programmable static site generator built with Clojure and Boot

A level playing ground

Perun isn't a program on it's own. It's a collection of Boot tasks that help with the creation of static sites. This means everything is customizable and optional if you don't like it.

Extending Perun is a matter of writing simple Boot tasks, often not longer than a handful lines of easy-to-understand Clojure.

All of Boot's greatness

Being merely a set of Boot tasks Perun integrates nicely with the entire Boot ecosystem. Syncing to S3? Compiling Sass or Less? All just a dependency away.

Oh, and did we mention live reloading?

Everything to get you started

Being as loosely coupled as Perun is it can be hard to get started and understand how all these things fit together. This website provides comprehensive guides to get you started as well as properly documented example projects for you to start with.

A welcoming community

As things are, at some point you'll get stuck. In this case you can reach out to fellow users on the Clojurians Slack or just open an issue. We're happy to help.