Programmable static site generator built with Clojure and Boot

Getting Started

This guide covers all the basics. Set up your first project and render some HTML.


Learn about all the tasks coming with Perun by default. Render markdown, create Atom feeds, sitemaps and more.

Make A Blog


Everyone needs a blog. By making it a static site you don't have to worry about server maintenance. Perun can help to make all kinds of static websites and a blog is one of them.

Put It Live


At some point you'll want to publish your site on the internet. This guide covers simple deployment to AWS S3 & Cloudfront, which is cheap, reliable and easy to manage.

Beyond Text


Text is what most people have on their website but you might also have other kinds of data that you want to display. Pictures that make up a gallery. People that make up an organization. That kind of stuff. The "Beyond Text" Guide covers all of that.